Screen Pro for Iphone Has Multiple Worthwhile Features

iPhone is not a cheap device. New Apple iPhones that come out tends to be at least $600 up to close to $1,000 depending on what specifications you choose. Even though Gorilla Glass that Apple uses on all their devices protect the device’s screen adequately, consumers still seek for ways to provide even more protections from scratches and dents on the screen.

The screen protector accessory market is a big industry even by itself and one of the screen protectors that are of fairly decent quality is Screen Pro. When you get a package of ScreenPro, you get 3 different iPhone screen protectors, along with a cleaning cloth. Screen Pro is great because it provides anti-glare and privacy from peeping eyes. On top of protecting your screen, it also has other functionalities as you can see.

So does the anti-glare feature work? Yes, especially on direct sunlight, Screen Pro’s screen protector seem to cut down the glare at least 20%, if not more. It also depends on your iPhone’s brightness level so the bright your screen is, the more glare it can produce. I was able to read and watch stuffs on my iPhone with Screen Pro on it which was not possible without.

The privacy filter is something that I haven’t seen on iPhone screen protectors, at least not the cheap ones. What this will do is help you protect your screen from privying eyes who wants to steal your privacy. Each additional feature costs extra, which may or may not be worthwhile for the consumers.

Also, Screen Pro has a nice little tool called Clear Screen Protector Applicator. That is a lot of fancy words for a tool that helps you apply the screen protector. Anyone who has tried to apply screen protectors on their iPhone can attest to the fact that these things are tricky to put on your screen! So providing a dedicated accessory that can help you align and lay down the protector precisely is a welcome change.

With all the bells and whistles Screen Pro provides, it is no wonder that it is one of the top screen protector products available currently.