Sims FreePlay Hacks for Max Resolutions on All Apple Devices

The title screen of Sims FreePlay is a great app to test your new iPhone's resolution. With the maximum resolution that is almost pushing 4Kbut more like 2K, Sims FreePlay is a good test that came out 2011. With the massive success EA has enjoyed by releasing this game, it is imperative for them to squeeze out as much profits as possible.

With the newly updated title screen, you can get a good glance of Sim Town from the bird's eye view. It can even give you a glimpse of Tropical Romance Island, which is a vacation destination of 2017 for all Sims players.

Getting ther eis another story. BY unlocking the key items and being part of community event, you too can unlock Tropical Romance Island without needing to resort to hacks and cheats for The Sims FreePlay.

Get familiar with all the symbols in Sims FreePlay, particularly the VIP Level and Simtown information. By syncing and using them together, you too can gain access to hidden Simoleons for free in 2017.